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A Cappella

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the music of Larry Nickel

Larry with the MEI Chamber Choir in Ottawa

email Larry for sheet music or with an inquiry - just click here

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  1. A Cappella Christmas Cantata - 35 minutes in duration with 15 movements

  2. Amazing Grace - (arr.) - SSAATTBB A Cappella

  3. Anthems (Canadian and American) - SATB, A Cappella

  4. Away in a Manger - SATB, TTBB, A Cappella or with piano - Christmas Music

  5. Blessed Are They- (arr.) (also in German - "Selig Sind Die") - SATB, A Cappella

  6. Call to Holiness - SATB, A Cappella

  7. Can a Little Child Like Me - (arr.) - SATB A Cappella

  8. Can You Count the Many Stars? - SATB A Cappella

  9. Come To The Throne of Grace - SATB, A Cappella - Christmas Music

  10. Come to the Upper Room - SATB, A Cappella, Classica Music Publishers

  11. Creation Calls - (arr.) SATB, A Cappella, optional piano

  12. Creator Alme Siderum - SATB, A Cappella trilogy on an ancient text and plainchant

  13. Dare alla Luce - commissioned by University of Calgary SSAA & SATB A Cappella

  14. Day by Day - commissioned by Waterloo University SSAATTBB, A Cappella, Shawnee Press

  15. Dem Bones - SATB, a cappella - Pavane Publishing

  16. Down in the River - (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  17. For Me to Live is Christ - SATB, A Cappella

  18. God of Love, God of Joy - SATB, A Cappella

  19. God Will Take Care of You, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  20. Good Christian People Rejoice - SSAATTBB, A Cappella, Pavane Publishing - Christmas

  21. Grief of Pleasure Brought Me to Him, the - SATB a cappella, - Christmas Music

  22. Have You Not Known? - SATB, A Cappella

  23. Healing for a Wounded World  - SATB with piano or A Cappella

  24. Heavenly Son (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  25. His Eye is On the Sparrow, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  26. Holy God - SATB - arr. - in collaboration with Brian Doerksen - A Cappella

  27. How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts? - SATB, A Cappella

  28. How Sweetly Chimes the Sabbath Bells - SATB, A Cappella

  29. I Cannot Dance - SATB, A Cappella

  30. If You Want Joy - SATB, A Cappella

  31. I Know My Jesus Lives - SATB, A Cappella, also for TTBB, A Cappella

  32. In a Grain of Sand - SATB, A Cappella, with soloist, : Cypress Choral Music

  33. In Christ Alone - (arr.) - SATB A Cappella

  34. In Times Like These, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  35. I Trust in God - TTBB, A Cappella, soloist,

  36. It’s Alright to Have a Good Time - SATB a cappella

  37. I Want to Fly - SATB A Cappella, optional piano, also for SSA and piano

  38. Jacob's Ladder, - (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  39. Jesus Shall Reign, - (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  40. Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness, - (arr.) - SATB A Cappella, also for Brass Quintet

  41. Jimmy Brown Song, (arr.) - SSAATTBB, A Cappella, soloist premiered with Ben Heppner

  42. Joseph Made a Treasure Box - SATB with piano, or A Cappella

  43. Jump Down, Spin Around - SATB, A Cappella, Cypress Choral Music, watch a video clip

  44. Just Beyond the City Gate - SSAA, A Cappella

  45. Keep in Mind - SATB, A Cappella

  46. Keep Me True - (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  47. Kettle Valley Railroad, the - a Dave Baker folksong - TTBB, a cappella and SATB with piano

  48. Kyrie Eleison - (Latin - Lord Have Mercy) SSAATTBB, A Cappella - from Requiem for Peace

  49. Life and Joy, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  50. Like a River Glorious, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella, Shawnee Press

  51. Little Brown Church, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  52. Little Red Riding Hood, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  53. London by Night, (arr.) - SSAATTBB A Cappella (vocal jazz)

  54. Lord, Help Us Live in Peace, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella, also TTBB A Cappella

  55. Love Bade Me Welcome - SATB, A Cappella, soloist, clarinet

  56. Love Everlasting, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  57. Love of God, the, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  58. Mary Treasured All These Things - SATB, A Cappella, soloist - Christmas Music

  59. MELODIES OF MELOTSCHNA; , (arr.) - SATB with piano

  60. Message to Johnny - commissioned by Shun Tokura, in collaboration with Torben Oxbol

  61. Mornin’ Train - arr. TTBB - a cappella

  62. My God Shall Supply, (arr.) - (commissioned by Concordia University) SSAATTBB, A Cappella

  63. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me - TTBB A Cappella

  64. Never Just a Dream, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  65. New Songs I Sing Today, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  66. No Room - SATB, A Cappella, Shawnee Press (2004) - Christmas Music

  67. O, Canada - (arr.) - SATB a cappella

  68. Of the Father’s Love, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  69. Only One Life - SATB a cappella, commissioned by Calvary Bible College

  70. O Sacrum Convivium - SATB a cappella, commissioned by St. Patrick's HS

  71. Peace, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella, also TTBB A Cappella

  72. Quiet Place, (arr.) - vocal jazz - SATB, A Cappella - score

  73. Remember Thy Creator - SATB, A Cappella, Gordon Nickel co-writer

  74. Salvador de Mi Alma TTBB A Cappella (Savior of My Soul)

  75. She Goes Shopping for Gucci - SATB, A Cappella, published by Pavane

  76. Shine on, Sliver Moon - SATB, A Cappella

  77. Silent Night (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella, premiered by Edith Wiens - Christmas Music

  78. Sinfonia # 11 (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  79. SONGS MY FATHER TAUGHT ME - SATB, the collection

  80. Spirit of the Living God - SATB, A Cappella

  81. Sticks and Stones - SATB, A Cappella

  82. Strands of the Finest Gold, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  83. Sweet Little Jesus Boy - SATB and TTBB, A Cappella - published by Oxford University Press

  84. Take My Hand and Lead Me, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella, TTBB with piano

  85. Throughout All Generations - commissioned by Waterloo University - SSAATTBB, a cappella

  86. To Whom Would We Go? - SATB, A Cappella

  87. Trinity - SATB, A Cappella

  88. True Evangelical Faith - SATB - A Cappella and SSA w/piano, Sing Alleluia Hymnal

  89. What Joy to Us is Given? - SATB, a cappella

  90. WHEN I THINK OF BRIDGES - SATB a cappella - eleven movements, 20 minutes,

  91. When I Was a Child - SATB - a cappella - also set for solo voice, , Shawnee Press

  92. Where He Leads Me, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  93. Who Would Leave a Kingdom? - SATB, A Cappella - Christmas Music

  94. Who Knows Where the Seasons Go? - SATB, piano -  Cypress Choral Music

  95. Without Him, (arr.) - SATB, A Cappella

  96. Working With Joy - SATB, A Cappella, Pavane Publishing

  97. World Without End - commissioned by Conrad Grabel/Waterloo University SSAATTBB, a cappella

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