I Cannot Dance 
Larry Nickel

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I can

I cannot

I cannot dance

I cannot dance, O Lord

unless You lead me

If You want me to leap with joy

let me see You dance and sing


Docete me, docete me saltare

(teach me to dance)

I cannot dance, O Lord, unless you lead me

If you want me to leap joyfully

let me see You dance and sing, O Lord

Fill me with Your joy

Then I shall leap into Love

and from Love into Knowledge

then from Knowledge into Harvest

Sweetest fruit of the vine

Leap into love

Love into Knowledge

Knowledge into Harvest

Sweetest fruit, beyond all human sensation

There I will stay with You

whirling and twirling

Alleluia - dance for joy!

poet - Mechthild of Magdeburg (13th century)

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