Strands of the Finest Gold

by Larry Nickel

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Slowly develops in our lives - fabric of strange design

lovely - a motif here and there - made from a golden line

Shimmering rays, like sunlight fair

creating pleasure in the air

giving the weaver clothes to wear -

strands of the finest gold

Handing us every tool we need, carefully we are led

There on the loom the sight appears

cloth of a golden thread

Weaving with diligence and aim

happy and true in joy and pain

finding our work is not in vain -

strands of the finest gold

Working day rushes to a close - were our ambitions filled?

so many flaws and then we see strands of the finest gold

Jesus who came to teach the trade

covers each error we have made

leaving us lives that never fade

strands of the finest gold

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