Healing for a Wounded World

by Larry Nickel

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These are dangerous times in this sorrowful old world

who knows what tomorrow we face?

Yet we look to the One who created each life

Who fashioned every planet in space.

Healing for a wounded world -

flowing from a nail scarred hand.

There is a hope, there is a light,

overcoming the darkness,

breaking through the night.

The Great Physician reaches out

to offer healing for a wound world.

Say one word, precious Lord, and the blind will gain their sight -

the lame will start leaping for joy.

With the power of Your love shattered lives are made whole

All those who’ve been forgiven rejoice.

You were pierced for our transgressions,

bruised for our iniquity

The punishment upon You has brought us peace.

By Your stripes, we are healed,

by Your wounds we are healed

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