To Whom Would We Go?

text by Gordon Nickel, music by Larry Nickel

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So you’ve given up the fight to be faultless;

one worthy lesson to learn.

Those with Christ saw the same aptly seen concern.

But if your dark clouded vision

tells you to give up the fight,

look up to the One who cares.

Be bewildered, but still say -

Lord, to Whom would we go?

You have words of eternal life.

We believe and have come to know

You are the Son of the living God.

When your fantasy becomes an obsession

you’d better let that lie fly -

lest you find, at the end of the dream, you die.

And when the role you are playing

begins to fool even you,

get down from those trodden boards -

sit and wonder with the few.

You like metaphors and religious images

symbols and shadows and signs.

You will sing not the truth of the song - but lines.

But as your devilish simile

pulls tight its scaly coils around,

cry out while you still have breath -

make a full and heartfelt sound.

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