treble choir

Treble Choir

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the music of Larry Nickel

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  1. Afternoon Reverie - SA with piano

  2. A la claire fontaine - arr. SATB with piano

  3. All the Diamonds - SATB, SSA and TBB with piano

  4. All the Little Rivers - SATB, SSA and SAB with piano

  5. Be Still and Consider - SATB and SSAA with piano, trumpet or oboe

  6. Better Than You - commissioned by Zing! Children's Choir - SA, piano

  7. Four Strong Winds,- (arr.) SATB, SAB, SSA or TTBB with piano; full orchestration,

  8. Full Circle - SATB, SSAA, piano, commissioned by Ed Chaisson , premiered by Savridi

  9. Here’s to Song (arr.) - SSAA with piano

  10. His Eye is On the Sparrow, (arr.) , SSA - piano

  11. Hither the Children - SAA, piano

  12. Hockey Song -arr.  SATB, SSA or TTBB with piano

  13. I Delight Greatly in the Lord - SATB, SAA, piano: Canadian International Music

  14. I Dreamed of Rain - SATB, SAA, SAB or TTBB with piano

  15. If Christ is For Us - SATB, SAA, piano

  16. I Want to Fly - SATB a cappella, optional piano, also for SSA and piano

  17. I WANT TO FLY - (the children's cantata) - (25 minutes) SSAA, piano

  18. Just Beyond the City Gate - SSAA, A Cappella

  19. Life is So Peculiar - (arr.) SSAA with piano

  20. Malala, Pakistani Girl - SSA or SAB SSA with piano

  21. Miles to Go - SATB, SSA, TTBB, solo voice, piano, - also for symphony orchestra

  22. Old Lady Rose - a Dave Baker folksong - SATB, TTBB or SSAA and piano

  23. Pussy Willows, Cat-tails - arr. SSAA or SATB with piano

  24. Spaces in Between Us - (arr.) - SATB with piano

  25. Springtime In Alberta (arr.) - commissioned and recorded by Chor Leoni - SATB or TTBB piano

  26. Sticks and Stones - SATB, A Cappella

  27. Storm is Passing Over, the, (arr.) - SATB (also TTBB and SSAA), piano

  28. This Land is What I Am - a Dave Baker folksong - SATB, SSA or TTBB and piano

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