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When I Think of Bridges

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Recorded in concert by the Vancouver Chamber Choir (Jon Washburn, conductor). Used with permission.

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The 2nd Narrows Bridge (above) collapsed in 1958, while under construction. Seventy-nine workers plunged 30 meters (100 ft) into the water. Eighteen men were killed either instantly or shortly thereafter, possibly drowned by their heavy tool belts. A diver searching for bodies drowned later, bringing the total fatalities for the collapse to 19.

Larry Nickel tells the story of Vancouver’s greatest tragedy in 11 movements based on the poetry of Gary Geddes.

The Day Was So Blue

Katie and me in a small café,

sipping wine and making small talk.



Lord, the day was so blue.

The sky was a currency that even the poor people could count on.



all the birds singing praises.

Who could imagine a tragedy on such a beautiful day?


We were sitting in a small café down the road from B.C. sugar,

Crosby crooning on the radio, when the first ambulance came screaming by.



Lord, the day was so blue.

Who could imagine a tragedy on such a beautiful day?