Of the Father’s Love

arranged by Larry Nickel

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Of the Father’s love begotten

ere the world began to be,

He is Alpha and Omega;

He the source, the ending He.

Of the things that are, that have been

and that future years shall see -

evermore and evermore.


We are open, please come in

fill us up with love again,

we want to praise you in every way we can.

Words are so empty and time is so short

to show You how much we love You.

Let no tongue on earth be silent

every voice in concert ring.

On the cross you took our place

though we don’t deserve Your grace

we want to thank you in every way we can.

You created everything

help us worship when we sing,

we want to praise You in every way we can.

Honor, glory and dominion

and eternal victory,

evermore and evermore.

Abba, Father

You have made us what we are

by Your blood and by Your scares.

We want to praise You in every way we can.

traditional plainsong and

“Halleluia” by Shannon Smith

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