The Spaces in Between Us
by J.D. Martin and Jan Garrett

arr. Larry Nickel

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If I could give one gift to you

as solid as the morning dew,

a window pane the light shines through;

the spaces in between us.

A gift for you my heart would bring,

the sweet release of everything,

the breath I take before I sing;

the spaces in between us.

Trusting in what might arise

without a thought preceding,

as simple as a baby’s sigh,

resting and receiving.

It’s not what keeps our souls apart

but what connects and dreams us,

the vast potential of the heart;

the spaces in between us.

I offer what my heart has found

the silent love that’s all around,

a symphony without a sound;

the spaces in between us.

If I could give you more than this,

let it be Forever’s kiss.

Mindful of my mindlessness;

the spaces in between us.