Malala, Pakistan Girl 
by Larry Nickel

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Malala, Malala, Pakistani girl;

her stand against the Taliban was seen around the world.

Malala, Malala, spoke out for her rights;

“School is for everyone,

mother, daughter, father, son.”

She faced the barrel of a gun!


Far away, in Northern Pakistan,

deep in a valley, lived a gentle man.

He taught his children to study while they can

but girls were forbidden by the Taliban.

Yawa mashoom (one child)

yawa shuwoonke (one teacher)

yawa ketab (one book)

yawa kalam (one pen)

au nale (and the world)

bad la wa-le-shi (can change)

Malala’s famous quote in Pashto (click here)

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will be donated to the Malala Fund

photo © Antonio Zazueta Olmos

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