Requiem for Peace comments by Jon Washburn

used with permission

I highly recommend the reduced-instrumentation (or "chamber") version of Requiem for Peace, which the Vancouver Chamber Choir and I were privileged to premiere in 2011. This ingenious re-orchestration makes it possible for quite small choirs to perform the work, if they do not have the grander forces appropriate for the full-orchestra version. The work itself, in either version, is magnificently multilingual, an aspect which made it especially attractive to me and my performers. The theme, of course, is incredibly timely, as the modern world - seemingly hell-bent on war, violence and self-destruction - seems determined to constantly relive the follies of earlier ages. Someone must speak for peace, and that role so often falls to musicians. Larry Nickel's Requiem is a major contribution, one which the VCC's audience found to be moving and persuasive. 

Jon Washburn

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