Requiem for Peace


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Larry Nickel’s doctoral thesis - an international call for forgiveness and reconciliation - features pacifist poetry from around the world - in 13 languages. 16 movements, totalling one hour and ten minutes in duration, conveys the dramatic and timely message. 

"Larry Nickel's work poignantly expresses a universal hope for peace: a major work on a grand scale - an all encompassing, all inclusive work, which demonstrates craft, genius, moral and religious conviction, and a profound sense of musical integrity."  Dr. Stephen Chatman (head of composition at UBC)

“Powerful music! Draws the soul, pulls at the heart, tears in the eyes of singers... Music that matters.”    James Fankhauser (head of the choral dept. at UBC and Vancouver Cantata Singers director from 1973-2000)

“I have never enjoyed a concert more! Have never seen an audience more moved! The choristers were emotionally inspired. This took a lot of courage - the piece needs to be recorded and promoted. How we need such a piece to surface a response to the seeming inevitability of war.  It is the 21st century Britten 20th century War Requiem!”  Walter Pitman (former president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Officer of the Order of Canada and Order of Ontario)

“Requiem for Peace is brilliant work! - a modern day masterpiece.” Jeff Joudrey  (former president of the ACCC)

“My role right now is to get singers and directors turned on to what I think is the most important Canadian choral work in a very long time ”  Dr. Gerard Yun (conductor, composer and global music specialist; University of Waterloo )

“This piece takes on a very serious challenge, which is to try and represent and reconcile the many different cultures we have in this country.  It’s a tall order for any composer but I think Larry has done a wonderful job and the students have responded with tremendous togetherness” Bruce Pullan (while head of the UBC choral department in a CBC radio interview.)

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Requiem for Peace is available in two formats: 1) full orchestra, large chorus and three soloists.  2) The chamber version is designed for chamber choir, soloists and chamber instruments; piano, harp, woodwind trio and 2 percussionists.

please note: this music is not available through dealers.

Choral/piano score - $20.00 - (not available through other music outlets)

Conductor Score - chamber orchestra version - $50.00

Conductor Score - full orchestra version - $100.00

Instrumental parts - sent via PDF files - $5.00 each part.


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