The Wondrous Story - by Henry Boon

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On a dark, cold winter night,

great with child and weary,

Mary found a place of light

in a stable lowly.

There to her was born a Son

sent to be our Saviour;

wrapped so warm in swaddling clothes,

lying in a manger.

In the dark, cold hills around,

shepherds watching, lonely,

Then they heard a heavenly sound,

angels singing “Glory!”

Bringing tidings of great joy

shepherds hastened to see,

bright star shining on the place

humble yet so holy.

On this dark, cold winter night,

come we tired and weary,

Seeking too a place of light,

in this world so dreary.

Now we raise our voices high,

sing together “Glory!”

Praise again the newborn child,

tell the wondrous story.

poem by Susan Boon

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