When Christmas Comes
by Joanna Schwarz - arr. Larry Nickel

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There's a hush in the snow gently falling
and we turn from the dark and the cold
to the wonder that starts in each of our hearts
when Christmas, Christmas comes.

There's a welcome for friends who come calling
as they share in warm memories of old.
And the thoughts bring us near to the ones we hold dear
when Christmas, Christmas comes.

There were angels who smiled on a mother and child
on that first Christmas day long ago.
There was glory afar, from the light of a star
sent to earth so all people might know.
Christmas, Christmas comes.

When there's joy in the heart of a stranger
and a feeling of hope and good will,
when the love of a child in a manger
stays alive, within all of us still.
When we honor His birth and pray, "Peace on earth",
then Christmas, Christmas comes.

lyrics - Mavis Todd (Joanna’s Aunt)

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