Walk in the Wind
Reg and Lynne Dickson
arr. Stephen Smith

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Hear the wind in the trees, just a soft summer breeze

How I love to go walking with you.

Hand in hand on the sand as we make lover’s plans,

It’s a day when your dreams can come true.

See the kids as they play on this clear summer day

and the birds flying high on the wing.

There are boats passing by, not a cloud in the sky

it makes you just want to sing.

Walk in the wind with me

Down by the edge of the sea

Now while our hearts are free

Won’t you walk in the wind with me?

Walk in the wind with me

Down by the edge of the sea

Together just you and me

Won’t you walk in the wind?

Watch the kites in the sky as they go dancing by

on the wind, see them frolic and play

Feel the waves at your feet and the sun’s gentle heat

on this beautiful Sunshine Coast day.

It’s not always like this, just a sweet summer kiss

and the wind blowing cool through our hair

But our troubles seem few on the sand here with you

It feels like we don’t have a care.

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