Walk Through Walls
Stephen Hatfield

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I’m gonna walk through walls

I’m gonna raise you at your game.

Be lookin’ fine when the phone calls,

I’m a gonna make myself a name.

I’m surfin’ back through my history,

keepin’ track of all my dues.

So don’t you get too perplexed

if I don’t fit in your text,

because I’m the next one makin’ the news.

I’m gonna walk through walls

Check out the big black book

‘cause I’m the fresh name there.

Take your dinner out to cook;

there’s my roses in your frigidaire.

I’m holding out for the mystery - that’s me

I’m unravelling the clues.

Just when you think that you’ve found the place

my feet touch the ground,

check out the jet-pack strapped to my shoes.

We’re goin’ right through the walls.

right through the walls,

we’re through.

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