Son de la Loma - arr. by Jonathan Quick

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Son de la loma
They are From the Hill


Mamý yo quiero saber, de donde son los cantantes
Mom I want to know where the singers are from

que los encuentro gal antes y los quiero conocer,
that I find so charming and I want to know them,

con sus trovas fascinantes que me las quiero aprender,
with their songs so fascinating that I want to learn.

De donde serýn ? Serýn de la Habana.
Where are they from? they are from Havana.

Serýn de Santiago tierra so berana,
They are from Santiago, the sovereign land,

son de la loma, y cantan en (el) llano. Ya verý, lo verý.
they are from the hill and they sing in the field.

You'll see soon, you'll see it.

Mamý ellos son de la loma, pero mamý ellos cantan en (el) llano.
Mom, they are from the hill but, mom, they sing in the field.

De donde serýn mamý? Que me las quiero aprender.
Where are they from mom? I want to learn their songs.

Ellos son de la loma y los quiero conocer vamos a ver. Sý seýor!
They are from the hill and I want to know them --let's go see. Yes sir!

Miguel Matamoros (1894-1971)