Reflections of Canada
book one
Unison, SA and SSA singing

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1) Ah! toi, belle hirondelle

2) À la claire fontaine

3) Alberta Homesteader

4) À Saint-Malo

5) The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle

6) Canaday-I-O

7) En roulant ma boule

8) Flunky Jim

9) Haul on the Bowline

10) Hurling Down the Pine

11) I’m Afraid of the Owl

12) A Kangaroo Sat on an Oak

13) Little Old Sod Shanty

14) Madam, I Have Come a-Courting

15) Maiden’s Lament

16) Old Grandma

17) Ojibwe Lullaby

18) Sioux Lullaby

19) She’s Like the Swallow

20) Song of the Rabbit

21) A True Lover of Mine

22) Un Canadien errant

23) Vive la Canadienne!

24) ‘Way up the Ucletaw

25) Weather Chant

  1. 26)We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar

see book two (SAB, SATB) click the cover - right

26 songs for young voices (treble clef)

a wonderful ring bound book ready for repeated use

  1. -ideal for the classroom and after school choir

  2. -carefully researched and selected by the Kodály Society of Canada

  3. -featuring Canadian folk songs arranged by Telfer, Bray and Wuensch

  4. -all songs have fantastic recordings - available for free - click here to listen

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