Offering at the Manger (The Pie Carol)
by Beverly Lewis

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Long ago in Bethlehem lived a woman, poor and old,

Sitting in her lowly cabin, she, her story, told.

“Once I saw a shining star and followed it to this good town.

With shepherds here I marveled at the wonder we had found.”

“That blessed babe in manger low did not a tear of sorrow cry

When I displayed my humble offering, a poor berry pie.”

“I loved that babe at first sight, the Child who soon was crowned a King,

But my gift of food was the cause of laughter for Wisemen visiting.”

“I left the stable silently, walking homeward, heavy of heart,

When high above, a glorious angel, in joyful song, proclaimed:

‘Of all the gifts we offer to Christ who came from God above,

Not gold, not myrrh, not frankincense, but the greatest gift is love.’”

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