Never Just a Dream - by Mark Fenster
arr. Larry Nickel

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In the night, when you’ve walked alone

through the cobbled roads of stone;

reaching out, wishing your thoughts

could let you know

Find your way, fly into your dreams

feel the mountains, touch the streams

Let the wonder in your eyes

just let you go

Is it just a dream you’ve had so long?

Is it just the sunlight in your eyes?

Can you find the meaning of the song

whispered in your mind?

Follow all the clouds that lead you home

Let the rainbows guide you through the storm

and you’ll find the song that’s in the mind

is never just a dream

Don’t run away, don’t keep it inside

the road can seem too long sometimes

and the wind, strong on your shoulder

can weigh you down

For all you know, for all you’ve believed

you know the magic just won’t leave.

So hang on to what you treasure

you’ll hold the crown


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