The Land of Maquinna -  by Dave Baker
arr. Larry Nickel

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As early evening rolls across the endless ocean sand

The shadows steal along the hills and shroud this restless land

With the visions of a proud and noble people lost in time

And our voices seem to beckon in the wind

Remember when the summer mist enshrouds the early dawn

That our fathers died before us then

in hopes we’d carry on their way of living

in the Land of Maquinna….in the Land of Maquinna

Beyond the barren islands I can hear the lonely cries

Of seabirds who have seen the tides of change before their eyes

Leave the ruins of the longhouse to the wrath of passing time

Still our legends have been carved upon the sand


And now the rhythmic chanting lifts the burden from my mind

The spirits from the past have shown the key we could not find

For when the people from the sea can understand our ancient way

Then no longer will they have us live in shame