MacPherson’s Lament - arr. Scott Macmillan

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Farewell ye dungeons dark and strong

Farewell, farewell to thee.

MacPherson’s life will nor long be

on yonder gallows tree.

Sae rantin’ly, sae wantonly,

sae dauntin’ly, gaed he;

He played a tune and he danced a loft

on yonder gallows tree.

The Laird o’ Grant that Highland sant

that first laid hands on me

He played the cause on Peter Broon

to let MacPherson dee.

Untie these bands from off my hands

and gie to me my sword

An’ there’s not a man in all Scotland

but I’ll brave him at his word.

There’s some come here to see me die

and some to buy my fiddle

But before I do wi’ her I’ll brake

her through the middle.

He took his fiddle in both o’ his hands

and broke it over a stone

Says, “There’s nae other hand shall play on thee

when I am dead and gone.

The reprive was comin’ o’er the brig

o’ Banff to set MacPherson free

but they pit the clock a quarter afore

and hanged him from the tree.

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