Hunker Down
by Tobin Stokes

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No you won't be leavin' on the sea tonight, 

there are whitecaps comin' an' it don't feel right. 

All the tugs are tyin' up their booms below 

to the bouys down Marine in a long neat row. 

Well the noon boat left for good today, 

and the other one is broke down at Salt'ry Bay. 

Hang- in' over Forbidden is a darknin' sky,

So you can't take the plane 'cuz it ain't gon-na fly. 

Hunker down for the evening, shut your doors and windows tight, 

there's a South eastern comin', hunker down for the night. 

Well there ain't no road you can drive a way 

and besides you'd be lost if you drove all day, 

so there ain't no trail 'cuz you'd break your back, 

and there ain't no train 'cuz there ain't no track.

If your boat's in the harbour then you'd better go check 

that the ropes are tight, or you'll own a wreck.

If your kids are playing down at Grief Point Park,

motor down, pick 'em up, get 'em home be-fore dark. 

Hunker down for some weather, 

hunker down to keep warm, 

there's a Southeastern com in', 

hunker down for the storm.

If the firs are swayin' and they're lookin' to break

better pray if you got a cabin up the lake

If the crows stop flyin' and the gulls sit still 

then the hulks 'll get a poundin' down in front of the mill.

Well there hasn't been a blast since two today

Not a sound from Vananda up to Blubber Bay,

so forget it if you're hopin' to get outta this town, 

better make your final meal before the pow- er's down! 

Hunker down for the evening, shut your doors and windows tight, 

there's a Southeastern comin', hunker down for the night. 

Hunker down for the eve - ning, she will blow with all her might!

There's a Southeastern comin', hunker down for the night!

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