Fum, Fum, Fum - arr. Ed Henderson

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featuring Ed on guitar and the Vancouver Chamber Choir - CD available

On December twenty fifth, sing fum, fum, fum,

On December twenty fifth, sing fum, fum, fum

He is born of God's pure love,

the Son of God, the Son of God

He is born of Virgin Mary

in this night so cold and dreary - fum, fum, fum

Estrellitas de los cielos - fum, fum, fum

que a Jesús miráis llorar - fum, fum, fum

y no lloráis, y no lloráis, y no lloráis, no lloráis, 

alumbrad la noche obscura

con vuestra luz clara y pura - fum, fum, fum

Shining stars from heaven above, sing fum, fum, fum

Looking down where Jesus cries, sing fum, fu, fum

Oh come rejoice, oh come rejoice, oh come rejoice, rejoice

Come and light the night's obscureness

with your light and dazzling pureness - fum, fum, fum.

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