FULL CIRCLE - by Larry Nickel

SSAA performed by Savridi

A child holds one end of a string
the other end is tied to a pull toy
the wheels of the pull toy roll on the grass
the grass is rooted to the earth
the earth touches the waters of the sea
the sunlight warms the water
the water rises and forms into a cloud
the cloud breaks
the rain falls
on the child holding a string.

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notes from the composer: 

This poem suggests music that is full of life - light, jazzy, playful and rhythmic. (the child and a pull toy).
The full circle theme is illustrated musically with a pseudo circle of fifths and a C section round or canon.
The ending phrase “tied to a pull toy” sums up the nature of the poem – one element of life being “tied” to the next.

musical features:

- singable ranges for all voices
- antiphonal ideas
- intuitive intervallic leaps
- a round/canon
- a fun and challenging piano part
- an a cappella section
- whistling
- optional scat solo


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