Don’t You Hear the Song? - by Harris Loewen

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We’ve been sitting in the fields all night

in the darkness and the light

Something out there that I can’t explain

but the sky in not the same

And breaking through the darkness

Oh, don’t you see the light?

We’ve been waking with the sheep ‘till dawn

heard the crying and the song

Well, I wonder if it’s just the wind:

I don’t want the sound to end.

And all amid the crying

Oh don’t you see hear the song?

Things I can’t explain, nothing seems the same

On the wind, I wonder, what’s that sound, my friend?

Breaking through the night, don’t you see the light?

all amid the crying, don’t you hear the song?

We’ve been standing by the fire in fear,

but a peace is very near,

Now the flames do more than keep me warm;

Well, they dance - for joy is born!

Oh, for the poor and fearful

a comfort and a peace

Oh, for the poor and fearful

a comfort and a peace

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