Carol of the Stable Dog - by Corlynn Hanney

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featuring the Pheonix Chamber Choir

“Why do you look so sad,’ Mary asked the stable dog.

“I have nothing, nothing to give a king.

Nothing that shines, nothing to bring,

here at the feet of God.”

I’m so afraid in this foreign land,” Mary said to the stable dog.

“Fear not, kind mother, know no alarm.

I will protect you - keep you from harm,

here at the feet of God.”

And all through the night he stayed at her side

And he kept them safe with his heart of gold,

and he kept them warm in the winter’s cold,

and the gift he gave was his faithful soul,

there at the feet of God.

“Do you hear sweet caroling?” Mary asked the stable dog.

“It’s the tiny angels as they fly,

singing your son’s first lullaby,

here at the feet of God.”

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