Child of the Manger - by Joanna Estelle
arr. John Gordon Armstrong

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What baby sleeps so peacefully,

sweet little Lamb on Mary’s knee?

But why does Joseph seem so sad,

as angels sing their tidings glad?

Why do the shepherds stop and stare

to see a baby sleeping there

where other lambs have lain their heads?

What better place for this Lamb’s bed?

This is the Child of the Manger.

This is the sweetest of lambs.

This is the One who sill give His life.

So sleep in peace just as long as You can.

Why does the star shine high above

as wise men bow and pledge their love?

Why does a king so mean and cruel

seek to destroy this precious jew’l?

Who is this Child, this Turtle Dove?

His name is Jesus, Lord of Love.

And why do angels guard His rest?

So that all mankind will be blessed.

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