Changed Forever - by Shari Ulrich
arr. by Kate MacColl

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Forty years by her side

To have and to hold

All their lives

They raised up the kids

The best they knew how

Buried the youngest

And carried on somehow

Now he works in the yard

The children are grown

‘Till the day that she died

He was never alone

He keeps himself busy

The best he knows how

Buries the past

And carries on somehow

In the wind that blows west

In a loved one’s last breath

In a moment

Lives change forever

Oh with fire or a fist

Or a lover’s last kiss

Changed forever

He tells stories of war

And of hard lessons learned

When his friends flew without him

And never returned

Of the day that they met

And the night he came home

With his lifetime of memories

He carries on alone

He turns down the bed

He turns out the light

He talks to his daughter

And he talks to his wife

He says “I’m gettin’ along

The best I know how

I feel you there with me

And carry on somehow”

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