Away From the Roll of the Sea
by Allister MacGillivray
arr. by Diane Loomer

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Small craft in a harbour that's still and serene,

Give no indication what their ways have been;

They rock at their moorings all nestled in dreams,

Away from the roll of the sea.

Their stern lines are groaning a lullaby air,

A ghost in the cuddy, a gull on the spar;

But never they whisper of journeys afar,

Away from the roll of the sea.

Oh, had they the tongues for to speak,

What tales of adventure they'd weave;

But now they are anchored to sleep,

And slumber alee.

Come fair winds to wake them tomorrow, we pray,

Come harvest a-plenty to them ev'ry day;

Till guided by harbour lights they're home to stay,

Away from the roll of the sea.

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