At Niagara Falls
by Harris Loewen

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In the springtime at Niagara

as a sabbath morning broke,

full of glory, peace and beauty,

from his dreams the sleeper woke.

All was quiet, save the thunder,

that forever there prevails;

that throughout the gathering ages,

never pauses, never fails.

But the thunder of the torrent

of a sudden died away.

just as if a spell of silence

on the rampant waters lay.

For a robin at the casement

trilled its carol sweet and strong,

and the roar was heard no longer,

it was vanquished by a song!

On thine ear the roar and tumult

of a noisy world world must fall,

but a little song of love and trust,

love and trust,

such a song can overcome it all.

Anson G. Chester - 1904

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