As for Me and My House
by Larry Nickel

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As for me and my house,

we will serve the Lord

every day - every hour

by His grace and through His power.

Working with joy,

working with gladness,

we will serve the Lord.

There was a time I asked the Lord

“Is there a job for me to do?

There are so many people more worthy than I.”

Then came an answer soft and true,

“Start with the family close to you.

Be a good husband and father each day.”


How can we ever give enough?

Jesus, you gave Your life for us.

With a heart full of singing, there is so much to do.

Heavenly Father take my life,

make it a living sacrifice.

All of my yearning returns home to You.

Transform this ground into fertile soil

so Your seeds of truth may not fall in vain.

May the longing of this world

grow for You, Lord, our God,

Almighty Creator.


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