Approaching the Manger
by Kristopher Fulton

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Angel wings like bells a-ringing

pale wings dipped in silver light

shepherds wondering at their movement

as they lay down for the night

Weary from their desert crossing

come three wise-men from afar

bearing gifts of worth most precious

led by light from yonder star

There’s no room at any Inn

and a cold wind is in the air

but in the distance is a manger

there’s a small communion there

Softly now as we draw closer

lest you wake the infant here

in blue and white his mother holds him

she will guard him, have no fear

Silently these people watch him

they don’t cheer and they don’t sing

See how gently Mary holds him

tending to her new-born King

praising her new-born King

“welcome to the world, our Saviour!

Holy is the hour tonight!

Sing you People! Sing your praises

to this babe who burns so bright!

“Sing all ye to our Lord Jesus!

Let us hear your cries of joy!

Peace on earth and bless all people!

Bless this heavenly boy!