Requiem for Peace - Speech Tutorials
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please note - challenging lyrics are spread around between the voices:
(there’s no point in drilling lyrics you don’t need to sing :)

please click on a title - note that the Firefox browser works well (if you have issues with the audio)

  1. Ahni Shalom (Hebrew)  read by Pnina Granirer

  2. Bani Adam (part 1) – (Farsi) – read by Tissa Mirfakrai and Zohreh Bayatrizi

  3. Bani Adam  – (part 2) (Arabic) – read by Maya Yazigi

  4. Kyrie Eleison - (Greek/Latin) - sung by a small choir

  5. Bêtise de la Guerre - (French) - read by Jim Knight

  6. Bing Chuh Shing - (Mandarin) - read by Wenwei Guan

  7. Dvatsit Vosyem Shtikovich(Russian) – read by Ekaterina Yurasovskaya

  8. Hiroshima Lacrimosa(Japanese) – read by Gaku Ishimura

  9. Håll Facklan Högt(Swedish) – read by Fred Sjöberg, watch a Swedish choir here

  10. Kinderen van de Vrede(Dutch and German) read by Mijke and Anne

Thirteen languages? - a daunting undertaking!  For most accomplished choirs, texts in Latin, English and German are standard singing languages.  (So, there are no transliterations for such pieces). 

Please take care with the consonant “R” - rolled in most languages, guttural in French and “British” in English (avoid the “far in a car” Canadian/America drawl). 

In general, Latin phonetics, with the pure vowel approach, is applied to the transliterations (rather than the International Phonetic Alphabet).


decorum habitare = de -I’m a Canadian, “eh”. (Not “day” - with the diphthong)
co - rhymes with “go” (don’t flip to a “u” vowel at the end)
rum - (living “room” - with slightly rolled “r”)
ha - hah - (rhymes with “Bob saw” - not “a cat”)
bi - bee - (rhymes with “tree”)
ta - tah (tah, tah, cheerio!)
re - reh (but not “ray” with a diphthong)