Hiroshima lacrimosa

“Tears for Hiroshima” from Requiem for Peace

Larry Nickel

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a-no sen-ko ga
wa-su-re e yo-ka
shun-ji-ni gai-to no san-man wa ki-e

ch-chi o kaese
ha-ha o kaese
toshi-yori o kaese
kodomo o kaese
watashi o kaese
watashi ni tsunagaru nin-gen o kaese

ningen no ningen no yo no aru kagiri
kuzurenu heiwa o
heiwa o kaese

Dies irae, dies illa
Solvet saeclum in favilla
Lacrimosa dies illa
Lacrimosa, Hiroshima

Toge Sankichi (1917-53)


That flash of light!
How could I ever forget!

In a moment, thirty thousand people vanished!

Bring back the fathers
Bring back the mothers
Bring back the old people
Bring back the children
Bring me back
Bring back the human beings I had contact with.

For as long as there are human beings,
a world of human beings,
bring back peace, (unbroken peace).

The day of wrath
shall consume the world in ashes
That day is one of weeping
Tears for Hiroshima.

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