God Himself is With Us

arr. Larry Nickel

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God Himself is with us - let us now adore Him -

and with awe, appear before Him.

God is in His temple - all within keep silent -

prostrate lie in deepest reverence.

Him alone, God we own -

Him, our God and Saviour.

Praise His Name forever.

O, Thou fount of blessing, purify my spirit

I trust only in Thy merit.

Like the Holy angels who behold Thy Glory,

may I never cease to praise Thee.

and in all - great and small

seek to do most nearly

what Thou lovest dearly.

God reveals His presence - hear the music sounding.

Alleluias ring around Him.

“Holy, Holy, Holy” - hear the hymn ascending

all the saints their voices blending.

Bow Thine ear to us here - hear, O Christ, the praises

that Thy church now raises.

Alleluia - Amen.

hymn - Joachim Neander - 1680

text - Gerhardt Tersteegen - 1697-1769

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