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commissioned by the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra

From the composer:

I came upon this Pashto poem while reading Khaled Hosseini’s
book, “The Kite Runner”. I can only imagine the plight of refugees and disenfranchised
people. We are passionate about our homeland and the need to belong. It’s not hard to
understand why territorial disputes have long been a primary cause of war.

Pashto (Afghani)
Da zuh ziba watan: this is our beautiful country
Da zuh dada watan:
this is our beloved country
Wami babazeka izwe: my beautiful country
Zo artseinu ha-yafa: this is our beautiful country
Kiryateinu ha-ahuva:
this is our beloved country
Nuestra tierra: beautiful land
Hermosa tierra:
beloved land
Watashi no aisuru kuni: my beloved country
Watashi no totemo utukushi i kuni:
my very beautiful country
Notre bon pays adore: our beautiful country adored
Mein geliebtes land, mein Heimatland: my beloved land
Mein: shoönes land:
my beautiful land
Moya kraiveishaya strana: my beautiful country
In watane zibaye mast: this is our beautiful country
In watane azize mast:
this is our beloved country
Latin – Psalm 90:01
Domine habitaculum tu factus es nobis in generatione et generatione.
Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.

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