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Child at the Window

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from the “Album for the Elderly” song cycle

Remember this, when childhood's far away:

The shining sun on a showery first spring day;

You from your house-top window laughing down,

And I, on the great lawn below you, playing the clown.

Time blots our gladness out. Let this with love abide...


The brave March day; and you, not four years old,

Up in your nursery - all heaven for me.

Remember this - the happiness I hold -

In far off springs I shall not live to see;

The world - one map - of wastening war unrolled,

And you, unconscious of it, setting my spirit free.


For you must learn, beyond bewildering years,

How little things beloved and held are best.

The windows of this world are blurred with tears,

And troubles come like cloud-banks from the west.

Remember this, some afternoon in spring, one day in spring,

When your own child looks down and makes your sad heart sing.

Remember this.

Siegfried Sassoon

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