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Album for My Daughters

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A few thoughts from the composer:

commissioned by the Langley Community Music School

Baseball is based on the famous pre-game anthem. The faster the better! – as long as the rhythm retains precision.

Leaving Home is linear and contrapuntal in construction while A l’eglise has vertical sonorities. Leaving Home has become the orchestral overture to Requiem for Peace - inspired by the story of my relatives who fled Russia during the revolution.

A l’eglise - (at the church)

In the Tropics captures a Caribbean style melody in 5/4 time.

Starry Night has the option of reaching over and plucking strings. (should the pianist have access to a grand piano). This would likely involve preparing and marking strings ahead of time. Parallel 7th dissonances are the basis for this composition.

Stanley Park – I’ve tried to capture some of the beauty of that wonderful place. If you ever visit Vancouver, be sure to spend a day in our famous park and try the fish and chips by Lumberman’s Arch - greasy but delicious.

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a set of six short contrasting piano vignettes   - presented here by Carmen Fast